Six Fun FAQs About

Mr. Rhodes

Mr. Rhodes has three degrees!

Mr. Rhodes has a Bachelor's degree in English from Sacramento State, a Master's in Creative Writing from Sacramento State, and a Master's in Education from UC Davis. He'll probably get a PhD one of these days too. Mr. Rhodes has a debilitating addiction... to learning!

Mr. Rhodes's favorite word is "dude."

Mr. Rhodes is basically a combination of a fighter pilot, Indiana Jones, a magician, and a bro. But first and foremost, he's a gentleman. That being said, get ready to hear the word "Dude" a lot. 

Mr. Rhodes wasn't the best student when he was young...

"Not the best" may be an understatement, haha. Mr. Rhodes was the class comedian and still has a hard time passing up an opportunity to tell a good joke. Or a bad one! It wasn't all his fault though. When he was a kid, Mr. Rhodes had undiagnosed learning disabilities that made it hard for him to focus in class. And because they were undiagnosed, he didn't get the help he needed to reach his full potential. That's probably why he's so passionate about making sure all his students succeed regardless of what difficulties they face! 

Mr. Rhodes is a military veteran!

Yep! Mr. Rhodes joined the US Air Force on September 11th, 2001. Hmmm.... I feel like something else may have happened on that day too... 

Mr. Rhodes goes on a LOT of adventures.

Whether it's hiking the entire 220 mile John Muir Trail in 15 days, solo backpacking through Europe for a month, road-tripping through the desert night in his car, taking the train all over Japan, or setting up art shows all over America, Mr. Rhodes never backs down from an adventure. 

Mr. Rhodes used to be a goth kid.

Ever wonder what kind of student your teachers were in high school? Well, believe it or not but Mr. Rhodes used to be a goth! We're talking about all black clothes, chains, trench coats, 20 eye boots, and leather cut off gloves. Can you see some of that style in the way he dresses now??? 

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